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SMS marketing FOR Retail, Restaurants, Auction Services, Breweries, Cafes, Schools and more!

98% of text messages are read withing 3 mintues of being received. Text Messaging (SMS) opens up a new channel to connect with those, most important to you, wether they are clients, customers or your employees!

Your messages are pushed directly to their mobile phones, where they can respond to you individually and personally!

We feature a free In-Store Kiosk!

An In-store Kiosk collects phone numbers and builds your database. Simply place it in your store and you are ready to go!

Reach More People!

Contact more customers at once with the Rushmore Unlimited contact import and group text features. Since SMS comes preloaded on every cell phone, Your customers don't need to download an app to get the message!

Get an immediate response!

People respond instantly to text. Rushmore's automation tools, like keyword triggers and auto replies further enable rapid-fire conversation with customers so your team can solve problems quickly.

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In-Store Kiosk!

The In-Store Kiosk is the key to growing your database! With the In-Store Kiosk, more people sign up. More Sign-ups equal More Returns!

Smarter, Cheaper Advertising

98% of text messages are read in the first 2 minutes!

Powerful, Easy to use platform.

We designed our platform to be as simple and intuitive as possible!

Do your customers love your product?

A lot of people think you have to give coupons, or discounts to get people in. While discount's certianly help, In our experienc customers come back because they love your product and your service. All they really want is to hear your specials or a friendly reminder.

Ready to text enable your business??